ChangeCraft partners with organizations to unleash their impact and bring out their humanity.


ChangeCraft works with philanthropies, non-profit organizations, and for-profit companies to reimagine how to make change in the world.

The CRAFT of change     Building dynamic, adaptive strategies

The CRAFT of working    Rethinking traditional management and hierarchical structures

The CRAFT of relating     Imagining a workplace embodying equity, transparency, and healthy communication

The CRAFT of learning    Experimenting with new ideas and learning in motion

There is no one-size-fits-all for organizations – no one strategic framework, no one organizational design, no one culture – that optimizes productivity or creativity. While we bring decades of experience and the latest research into our client engagements, our work is always craft. We are thought partners, sounding boards, risk takers, challengers, question askers, and deep supporters of our clients.


ChangeCraft works with organizations in times of both strength and instability, organizations open to the sometimes uncomfortable experiences of change, risk-taking, and learning.  Our approach puts people first, and we try to live out the following principles:

  • People work better – more creatively, more rigorously – when they feel respected and have ownership of their work.
  • Diversity in identities, backgrounds, and perspectives leads to more creative decisions and smarter work output.
  • Organizational values or principles are not feel-goods. Lived, learned from, and continuously adapted, they enable organizations to work better – every day.
  • Leaders and managers do not need a voice in every decision. Smart distribution of decision-making power increases productivity and morale.
  • Creative strategic processes can spark new organizational habits and provide directional guideposts.



ChangeCraft helps its clients spark and manage change. From coaching to facilitation to advising, ChangeCraft’s versatile, intuitive and bold style helps clients ask the right questions, and design, experiment with and adapt new ways of working in the world.

Organizational Change Strategy + Learning


ChangeCraft has worked across four continents with a vast range of organizations, from start-ups incubating new ideas to large philanthropic foundations. See a sampling of our client list:



See the following case studies for a sense of ChangeCraft’s diverse work: