Organizational Change

ChangeCraft works with all stages of organizations to drive strategic approaches to change. Its focus is not simply on the final product, but on ensuring that the change process builds lasting ownership to succeed over the long-term. A thought partner, sounding board, risk taker, challenger, and always deep supporter, ChangeCraft has garnered a worldwide reputation for dedication to its clients’ success.

Examples of ChangeCraft’s applied tools include:

  • Design and facilitation of strategic processes to chart new organizational directions
  • Succession planning and leadership development to bolster the efficacy of mid- and senior-level leadership
  • Action research to clarify a client’s unique value in the marketplace, including targeted interviews with key stakeholders
  • Action learning to help an organization learn from a program or service offering and update its offerings to provide increased value to its clients
  • Curricula and program development for pilots and inaugural programs
  • Scenario planning to vision and assess opportunities for growth
  • Facilitation of team sessions to enhance an organization’s communications and improve its overall culture