Crafted Gatherings

ChangeCraft believes that face-to-face encounters have the potential to bring out powerful resources within individuals and groups. This is about more than just facilitation. The intelligent design of retreats and conferences make the difference between a foggy waste of time (and money) and the dynamic conception of new ideas, new plans and new relationships. Utilizing a bespoke mix of facilitation modalities, ChangeCraft designs and facilitates gatherings based on the client’s specific desired outcomes. The result is excellent use of the participants’ valuable time, propelling them forward in the change process.

Examples of facilitation modalities utilized by ChangeCraft:

  • Case Studies: produce fresh ideas and actionable next steps through forming high-level consulting groups out of participants’ expertise
  • Future Perfect: build group creativity and opportunity by zooming into the future and creating scenarios of how the future could unfold
  • Open Space Technology: build ownership by placing important conversations in the hands of the participants
  • Samoan Circle: bring all of the voices into the room by tackling hot topics or controversial issues in a structured and safe space
  • Social Asset Mapping: emerge from the gathering with a clear set of action items and a deep sense of community by giving and receiving ‘resources’ from fellow participants

ChangeCraft also offers custom-tailored training in the design and facilitation of crafted gatherings. Following the training, participants are able to craft meetings, retreats and conferences for their teams and constituencies, targeting specific outcomes and shaping the culture that will best propel their organizations forward. Novice and intermediate facilitators will gain key skills needed to facilitate creative, high-impact gatherings.

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